The GRID uses optical lasers to track precise speed and trajectory of sports objects. Coupled with a hi-definition video feed, the system is able to illustrate how changes in mechanics can improve a player's performance.

The Grid Pitching System

The Grid Pitching System permits coaches to better illustrate the benefits of their instruction when the data supports their claims during workouts. They can test the effectiveness of their tips instantaneously and with the benefit of video playback.

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The Grid Hitting System

The Grid Hitting System dramatically enhances the batting cage experience by providing critical hit metrics that are displayed instantly on a virtual stadium.
By virtue of providing off-the-bat velocity, distance and location, the Grid Hitting System will significantly improve a facility’s training capabilities.

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“One thing is for sure, the use of analytics has enabled organizations and their players to build a more efficient mousetrap and it will impact every aspect of high school, collegiate and professional sports.”

– Leigh Steinberg Changing the Game: The rise of Sports Analytics (Forbes Magazine; August 18, 2015)



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