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Description of the GRID system

The GRID uses optical lasers to track precise speed, trajectory and location of sports objects. Coupled with a video capture of each “event” (i.e. pitch and/or hit), the system is able to illustrate how changes in mechanics can improve a player’s performance.



While originally developed for baseball and softball, our patent covers the Bi-directional tracking of ANY sports object whose velocity, location and/or trajectory is of value to measure.

This allows The GRID to be easily adapted to other ball-based sports (golf, soccer, cricket, tennis, etc.)

Analytics are transforming every aspect of sports and we make analytics AVAILABLE TO THE MASSES.

Applied Market Research projects the sports analytics market to reach $6.7 Billion by 2026. Athelytix is entering this burgeoning market to offer true improvement for all athletes.

Because “The GRID” system is able to track both the entry and exit of an object, the system has a wide variety of applications across numerous sports:

Training Product testing
Entertainment Gaming

Transforming the batting cage experience


The data captured by the lasers is instantly translated into a graphic representation of the hit.
The GRID dramatically enhances training capabilities by providing real-time feedback. Data collected from the hitting system will include:

  • Exit Velocity
  • Launch Angle
  • Distance and Trajectory
  • Pitch Location and Velocity


  • Highly accurate, objective feedback
  • Bi-directional object tracking
  • Beam-interrupt for unmatched accuracy
  • Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Not susceptible to environmental elements (e.g. ambient light or Doppler effect)
  • High-definition video demonstrates bio-mechanics
  • Can be used for either pitching and/or hitting
  • Cloud storage for instantaneous performance review anywhere at any time

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